Before the surgery on the eye wears a special brace lid speculum, which will not allow you to blink and thus frustrated the operation.

In addition, our laser system ESIRIS has the world’s fastest tracking system for eye movement during surgery can be considered eye is stationary relative to the laser beam.

If you still try to take my eyes away, automatic laser will stop immediately, and she resumed only when you return the eye to its original place.

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When a person “back in shape”? What restrictions are there?

The next day you can return to normal life: reading, watching television, and after 2 days on a little work on the computer, but for 2 weeks is desirable to avoid prolonged visual loadings.

We encourage our patients to go to work and to fully operate the computer in 2 weeks. Within a month of the sauna is contraindicated, “heavy” exercise.

Serious sports training can commence after 1.5 months. Not recommended for swimming in natural bodies of water and swimming pools. Six weeks later all restrictions are lifted.

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Do you issue a sick leave after surgery? We give you a certificate stating that the operation was carried out by us, and you can get sick in a clinic in the community for a period of not less than 14 days.

Heard that laser vision correction is best done after birth – Is this true? It does not matter whether to do laser vision correction before or after delivery. The main thing is that after the operation did not give birth during the year.