Often, there are cases where the patient becomes vision even above 100%. Finally, about your vision after correction can talk after a thorough examination.

In some cases, especially at high degrees of myopia and astigmatism, the operation is carried out in two stages, and such a possibility certainly warn the patient in advance of the time of diagnosis, it is accepted worldwide practice.

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In any case, our goal is to achieve the best result possible. Our experience and the most modern equipment allow regain good vision even in the most difficult situations.

Whether to be afraid of laser vision correction? Many people dream of a lifetime to have a good vision, but be careful not to decide on the operation.

Often it comes from incomplete and inaccurate information awareness. Moreover, some ophthalmologists, not because of its enlightenment on this issue, allow themselves to statements prejudicial to the opinion of patients.

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They are often easier to speak negatively, than to understand all the details. In practice, if you want to have a good vision of reasons not to do the surgery, actually not.

Only by our experts such operations performed and in their world by tens of millions. Return the eyes 100% vision, refuse glasses forever –

What will happen if during the operation, I want to blink or accidentally turning his eyes to the side? Nothing bad will happen. The operation is performed under strict control of the surgeon.