Is it possible to serious complications after surgery? Completely exclude the possibility of complications is impossible.

According to the statistics, the probability of our Center of complications after correction of less than 0.01% and they are not catastrophic.

We can deal with any unwanted problems in the postoperative period. The patient is under the supervision of our experts, they are provided with all the necessary medicines. In any case, the patient receives only the result, which he expected.


What will be the status of your vision after surgery? If preoperative vision is not impaired, even after surgery, it will be guaranteed stable.

The essence of the method of laser vision correction is to modify the curvature of the cornea using laser beam, so that the image is accurately focused on the retina.

After surgery, the curvature of the cornea does not change in any way, and vision will be good forever.

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Blurred vision may like all people with good vision initially, only in the event of injuries or in connection with the common age-related changes in the body.

Is it possible to that after the operation will not achieve 100% result? Your vision after correction improve significantly, so how exactly you make the most seen before surgery in glasses or lenses.

If glasses before surgery were your vision, for example, 80% even after the operation, it will not be worse.