Often, many complain floating fly? It is also dangerous? No, this is absolutely not dangerous.

The fact is that the inside of the vitreous eye has about the same consistency as ovalbumin. Movements from it shaken and appear cloudy. This is – a normal physiological process.

Do you need advice ophthalmologist after childbirth? I think that next time; we must appear after lactation, that is, about a year later.

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Growing a risk of retinal detachment with each subsequent pregnancy? On the contrary, since repeated childbirth are milder first, but the need for regular inspection ophthalmologist required during each pregnancy.

Basic questions on laser vision correction – How long will the laser vision correction since the first treatment?

Preoperative diagnosis of a 1-day, in the absence of contraindications, the operation can be performed on or through the following day.

If you need the procedure for strengthening PPLC retina, it needs at least 20% of patients, the laser vision correction can be held within 10-14 days after the procedure. After surgery, you must have observed an outpatient clinic in 5-7 days.

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Will not my vision worse after surgery. Can cause blindness? No. If the patient before surgery was not contraindicated vision correction, and is defined in the accurate diagnosis on a set of devices, the vision after the surgery to be considerably better guaranteed.

Very important to follow all the recommendations made. In the history of laser correction has not been a single case of complete loss of vision after surgery.