Eye gymnastics can somehow slow down the process? There is a simple exercise must be glued on glass circle black or red paper 5mm diameter.

Go to the window by 30 centimeters, close one eye and hand turn that second look at this circle, the maximum distance. The exercise should turn each eye.

It is not harmful to anyone, and this exercise should be done several times a day; this somewhat limits the progression of myopia.

If during childbirth, God forbid, something happened to the eye, which may be symptoms?

Working Of Eye Vision Without Glasses

Retinal detachment is a sharp deterioration of vision If this process is affected only the periphery of the retina, the person thinks that he has his eye on one side as if an opaque curtain.

It may be from any desired side, but often below. If wounded central zone, then comes almost total blindness, absolute black with flashes of light.

Will a man in this case somehow help? Yes, but only if treatment is started immediately. Viability of the retina persists for 7-10 days.

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If within this time an operation is not done, then restore vision completely impossible.

Well, if you have any smaller lesions? Smaller lesions show little, so they are dangerous. Sometimes one sees glimpses of the periphery eyes like lightning flash.

This means it is necessary to seem optometrist, better look again in detail in the retina laser surgeon.