Can pregnancy still somehow affect the state of vision – Towards the end of pregnancy in women slightly increased elasticity of the connective tissue?

This is to ensure that the baby can pass through the birth canal. And since the outer coating of the eye – the sclera consists of connective tissue, there is a theory that also increases the elasticity of the sclera may grow eyes.

Maybe that’s why some people think that they have myopia increases with pregnancy then it comes back to normal.

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In principle no, because myopia – an illness of long eyes. If we grew up eyes, he cannot cut back but while scientific evidence of eye growth during pregnancy is not.

If a woman did at one time operation for the correction of vision, all problems are solved? If a person did laser correction, he begins to see perfectly into the distance, but the disease did not disappear as such, and the mechanism of hyperextension of the retina also remained.

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So it does not mean that a woman can give birth after surgery alone. Therefore, women with myopia operated necessarily need to take place during pregnancy, a special survey.

Also, since it is believed that due to the softening of the connective tissue can grow eyes, women after surgery is usually not recommended for pregnant year.