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Contact lenses – Number of rooms contact correction is constantly growing, as soft contact lenses are in great demand.

Convincing advantages of contact lens before the spectacle: contact lenses provide correction of any kind of ametropia (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism)

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Unequal refraction of both eyes also address the optical aberrations, minimally affect the value and image quality to be better tolerated and can achieve higher visual acuity (especially at high myopia, astigmatism, anisometropia.

Comfortable and safe wearing modern contact lens allows for a more active lifestyle. Age limit for contact lens no.

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However, uncontrolled and incorrect choice of wearing contact lenses can harm the health of the eye and impair vision.

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Therefore it is very important that picking soft contact lenses and watched patients qualified ophthalmologist, a specialist in the field of contact lens.

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In the study of contact lens clinic, “Enlightenment” selection of soft contact lenses is carried out strictly on medical grounds based on the data obtained with the full diagnostic examination of modern equipment.

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An experienced specialist ophthalmologist you choose the appropriate contact lenses to suit your individual parameters, occupation, lifestyle and financial capacity, will teach you to remove and put the lens, talk about rules that must be followed while wearing contact lenses. The ranges of our office latest soft contact lenses are the world’s leading manufacturers.