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The optical coherent tomography allows obtaining information on the internal structure of the tissue, including mucosal membranes, contactless, i.e. without breaking the structure of the tissue in real time.

The operation of the device is a new diagnostic technique that provides images of the cut shells eyeball and optic nerve with high resolution, measure the thickness of the longitudinal section.

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The device enables the minimum load on the patient’s eye to conduct a survey even darkened environments (cataract, corneal opacities).

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Main indications: diseases of the retina, conjunctiva diseases, including cancer and processes, diseases of the cornea, myopia, glaucoma, etc.

Indications and objectives of the research on OST:

•    Women older than 50 years (identifying early-stage age-related macular degeneration).

•    Patients with glaucoma, suspected glaucoma, Pre-Glaucoma, ocular hypertension.

•    Diabetics, to diagnose and determine the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

•    All patients after surgery for cataract, with visual acuity less than 0.8 to detect early stages of macular edema.

•    All patients with post-thrombotic retinopathy, central retinal tear, any degenerative changes in the central area of the retina to determine the treatment strategy.

•    If there are complaints in patients after refractive surgery Lasik procedure to fog, haze, you do not pass within 1-6 months after the operation, for the quality and diligence of the flap inclusions in the interface space.