Patients with glaucoma finally got a choice – they can now be cured with the help of a light beam, without a scalpel, blood and pain, over 50,000 residents of the city, region and other regions and abroad, the received counseling and medical help.

It has been published numerous scientific articles and papers, dissertation reserved. With the latest facilities company continue to improve treatment methods.

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Our design and results received numerous certificates and carry great weight in the scientific community.

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High quality and speed of operation – it gives the best results and maximum comfort for our patients.

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Children’s Department – Significant congestion at school, many hours watching television, a long fascination with the computer, physical inactivity, impaired posture – lead to loss of vision in children.

The aim of our offices – is prevention, early detection and treatment of eye diseases in children.

Children in a heartbeat attend session’s hardware treatment, because diagnosis and treatment are carried out in the form of a game and at the end of treatment, the child can choose their own gift.

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We have on the books included children with diseases such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, amblyopia, strabismus, and spasm of accommodation, nystagmus, and other functional and organic organ damage treating these children twice a year on the modern equipment available in our clinic.

We do not forget the classic technique of training allowances for accommodation complex pathology of the vision from an early age for medical contact lenses of different modifications. In a separate study we spend electrophoresis and massage.