Accurate and timely diagnosis of eye diseases – the first and most important step towards the full vision, the correct diagnosis depends on the effectiveness of treatment and outcome.

Ophthalmic clinic, “Enlightenment”, taking care of the health and comfort of his patients is the best diagnostic equipment and supplies from leading manufacturers of the United States, Europe and Japan.

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Among all the available high-tech equipment we have found a unique setup, unparalleled in any domestic ophthalmic clinic.

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All equipment and materials used by our specialists in everyday medical practice have European certificates and are registered with the Russian Ministry of Health.

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High degree of accuracy research guarantees the most complex pathologies identification at all stages of development. Information for patients before undergoing a complete diagnostic examination is necessary.

Optical coherence tomography – The only diagnostic tool in the region, the effect of which is based on obtaining a high-resolution (up to 5 microns) cross-sectional images of the eye tissue structures in the form of a “section”.

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The study is carried out without contact and is aimed at early detection of pathologies of the central retina. The study lasts 3 sec., the instrument provides the latest generation of speed and accuracy.

Optical coherence tomography – allows the analysis of the anterior and posterior segment of the eyeball, including the cutoff parameters of the optic nerve, retinal nerve fiber layer, also of central retina and anterior chamber angle.